On the basis of the Civil Registry Law, Article 111, foreign citizens who have officially resided for 7 (seven) years in Cyprus are eligible to apply for citizenship. In case such foreign citizens are parents or children of Cypriot citizens, the required period of residence is 5 (five) years instead of 7 (seven).

In all cases, the applicant is required to legally and continuously reside in Cyprus for 12 (twelve) months preceding the date of application. These 12 months are included in the number of years required.

Our Services

  • Consultation on documents required for submission of the application to the relevant Authorities
  • Completion of the relevant forms, to be reviewed by your side
  • Consultation on issues that need clarification
  • Assistance in the collection of the required documents
  • Assistance in the preparation of the application package according to the required standard
  • Accompanying you and your family to the District Court for signing the relevant documents
  • Submission of the completed application package to the relevant Authorities
  • Monitoring the status of the review procedure
  • Accompanying you and your family to the Civil Registry and Migration Department for obtaining the Cyprus Passport or Identity Card.

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