Interest in Property Investing during Pandemic

Interest in Property Investing during Pandemic

The interest of foreign investors in the Cyprus Investment Programme has not been decreased since the pandemic, but rather continues to grow.

Well-known experts in international property market - companies Knight Frank and Henley & Partners - say that existing investment programs for citizenship and residence permits, despite quarantine measures around the world, have not suspended their work. On the contrary, many of them adapted to the current situation by easing the conditions. Cyprus offers a remote solution to this issue. Now you can draw up documents without visiting the country, or at least start this long-term process. The growing interest in migration programs is also associated with the fact that people who have had planned long to delve into this process, now have sufficient time to fulfill it.

In order to maintain sales, many developers in Cyprus showcase real estate using virtual tours, and conclude the deals by distance mean.

As Cyprus will be open to travelers from other countries on June 9, this will also contribute in increasing activity in the property market.