14 March, 2019. Participation in the Seminar in Kiev

14 March, 2019.  Participation in the Seminar in Kiev

 On March 14, Vizus Consulting Group participated in a seminar which was held at Legal High School in Kiev, Ukraine.

Irina Popova, the managing director of our company spoke about the Cyprus Investment Programme, the participation in which gives the opportunity for foreign investors to acquire Cyprus citizenship. She also highlighted the subject of obtaining permanent residence, listed the documents that should be submitted in order to apply for Cypriot citizenship, described the procedure of filing them, spoke about the fees to be paid, and also presented a step-by-step process of obtaining citizenship under the Investment Programme.

Ms. Popova also introduced the requirements for companies or individuals that are willing to open an account in Cyprus banks, as well as described in detail the procedure of redomicit - transferring companies from offshore and low tax jurisdictions to Cyprus.